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This issue was the best one yet. The title struck me as silly until you explained that the oceans really are a "hot tub time machine". I didn't know sub-Saharan heatwaves were under-reported, but once you said it, it's completely believable. The Jean Rhys and "post-colonial karma" bits caused me to smile while reading what could be a very depressing essay.

More important, though, was the superb explanation of the North Atlantic Oscillation, which I never understood before. Also, it never occurred to me that soil saturated with water will absorb heat better than dry soil. So- thank you!

best one yet

sub-Saharan heatwaves underreported

hot tub time machine- makes sense

"post colonial karma"


Jean Rhys

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For those asking why there is evaporation & rising air at 60 degrees latitude, it is because warm air that's drifted from Northern Africa to Northern Europe encounters a colder air mass from the poles. This drives the air upwards, forming the last leg of the Ferrell cell. The some of the warmth from the Gulf Stream's water is ferried upwards into the atmosphere as the warm air rises and condenses, forming clouds and causing rainfall. In fact, almost all rain that falls on land starts off in the ocean!

For more, check out this link http://www.scienceclarified.com/As-Bi/Atmospheric-Circulation.html

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