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The five major oceans cover 71% of the earth’s surface, yet they are consistently overlooked by science writers and policy makers alike. In this newsletter I will discuss my knowledge of the ocean in the context of current events and climate change, as well as any cool phenomena in the news lately. I studied oceanography (and English!) as an undergraduate, but by no means have I learned everything. As my favorite podcaster Kacia Fitzgerald says, this will be a “come with me, let’s figure this out together” newsletter as opposed to a “look at me, I’ve got it all figured out” newsletter. My sources are primarily e-news outlets, non-profits’ websites, policy publications, government websites, and recent scientific studies.

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This newsletter aims to draw attention to a ~sea~ of issues, from ocean acidification to deep water formation (it will also be an attempt to make as many new marine science-related puns as possible, though I will try to reign in my silliness). I believe the best way to demonstrate knowledge is to teach others, and I aim to lead scientists and non-scientists alike on a journey of marine discovery. As mentioned above, the writing here will be based on scientific studies, policy publications, and news articles, which I will read and summarize as simply as possible. My goal is that anyone with even the most casual interest in the ocean will walk away with new knowledge.

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If you have any suggestions for topics or would like me to go into more depth about something that you find confusing, please send me suggestions! Oceanography can be difficult to understand (believe me, I know) and no query is too small.

Also, if you are a scientist who would like some publicity for your research OR if you’re an ocean-loving NGO/company/group, feel free to reach out and ask for a featured interview.

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As a freelance writer, I appreciate any & all efforts by my readers to help pollinate the internet with my work. If you know of anyone who loves to learn, read, and/or is curious about marine & environmental science, please tell them about this newsletter!

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Interviews: Dr. Tricia Thibodeau, plankton ecologist; Jason Anthony, freelance environmental writer

Annexing the Arctic series: Part 1 and Part 2

IPCC Report series: sea level rise; ocean acidification; coral bleaching; geoengineering; global overturning circulation; conclusions

International law: Madrid Protocol and the 2022 UNOC

Geoengineering: IPCC conclusions; international perspective; saving coral reefs

Public knowledge: Ocean (il)literacy

Eco-anxiety: Catastrophizing

Ideas for communicating oceanography: Birds, the gateway drug of the climate crisis

Animal profiles: Corals; pteropods

Country profiles: Ireland

Maps & resources: The Climate Reanalyzer; the Interactive Climate Atlas; Audubon’s Survival By Degrees bird population map

P.S. Interested in poetry? Check out Sensing and The Sands of Time (featuring some science-y poems!) on my website. Sensing is also available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Waterstones. :)

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